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Gunnar is boasting his second show year and his first year as a proven stud.

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aka Gunnar

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Grullos Duns & Creams at Doublecreek!

First Year Gunnar Babies are all sold! We have 7 coming reserve yours for next year!

Doublecreeks Pistol Annie (Smoky Silver Grulla)
  Doublecreeks Dun It Again (Silver Dunskin) Doublecreeks Double Exposure (Smoky Cream)
Hey, come here. I heard Doublecreek Farm has great Mountain Horses!

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About Our Farm With Quality Horses and "Old Time" Bloodlines


Sharae is shown above. Sharae is with Monique Maniet retired from her broodmare duties. Her dam Whisper shown below was our foundation mare that passed away in spring 2009 (by Woosley's Rocky) and who will be sorely missed. We are carrying on this great line with Sharae's daughter Pizzazz also shown below. Pizzazz not only carries this line but that of our Premier Stallion Doublecreek's Cheyenne.






DoubleCreek Farm is a mom and pop operation (Kenny being the pop and Georgia the mom of course) and the horses being the kids of the family. We have been breeding and selling mountain horses for 18 years. All the daily care and affection given is by the two of us. We make every effort to spend the attention and care that ensures our horses exhibit the temperament indicative of the breed. We strive to stay true to the original characteristics of the breed both in conformation, temperament and gait and hope that any individuals interested in breeding a Mountain Horse would consider the impact of their decisions on the breed.

Please note: When you come you may not find the horses to be as spic and span as they are in these pics as the weather does not always cooperate in keeping them beautiful. Rainy days may bring muddy faces and legs and winter brings out their furry coats and maybe a snowflake or two on the nose. We believe they are beautiful no matter what the weather and sometimes those days are the times when their antics can bring those extra smiles to your face especially when they give you a sloppy muddy nudge on your only shirt that does not have horse stains on it or a kiss on your face or head when you just got cleaned up from your last visit with them.

We fell in love with the Rocky Mountain Horse the first time we rode one. Rocky Mountain Horses have been our business for the past seventeen years. We started with one foal who is now our premier stallion Doublecreek's Cheyenne and soon after "collected" four more mares. We have since sold some of the mares and obtained other ones, but there remain some select "favorites"

We always have some horses for sale and to ride, but if we do not have something here, we can help you find what you are looking for through our contacts with other farms. We hope you enjoy our site and that it will inspire you to have one of these truly versatile and loving horses.

pride&s Pride only minutes after being born with our neighbors taking a peek.
Our premier mare, My Girl (the first Rocky Mountain I ever rode and soon after purchased),is shown below. She taught me about the gait and have given me many years of pleasure both in the saddle and in the field. She is our oldest Rocky on the farm to date at age 24. The pic above was taken at age 24,

dusty Dusty, the buckskin shown here (a filly we purchased as a yearling who is loving and a joy to ride with the added bonus of being a great mom).

Jolie a My Girl foal has grown up and now has foals of her own. She herself is retired as well and is with Lynda Dickinson in Florida living the life riding the trails. Her sister Treasure's Rare Jewel is assuming that role. jolie

Of course, last but not least is our stallion Doublecreek's Cheyenne (shown just below), who we purchased sight unseen while he was still in his mother's womb (yes God was watching out for us on that one!). We knew nothing about stallions and thankfully he has turned out to be true to the Rocky temperament; sweet, willing an loving. He has turned out to be one of the precious joys of Georgia's life who says she has never ridden a Rocky smoother yet and that is the truth!


Alliance's Gone N Dun (Gunnar ) has done us proud for the first show season at three and took his champtionship at the KMSHA International 3 Year Old Trail Pleasure and Three Year old Stallion. He also took second in the futurity. Gunnar is high point KMSHA 3 year old stallion trail pleasure and high point 14.3 and under trail pleasure
Registered RMHA, KMSHA and MPHA Introductory Stud Fee for early bookings. Check out Gunnar's Bloodlines
Ridng Time Again!

Our farm is located on the eastern side of West Virginia and is just an hour and a half from Washington DC and Northern VA. We are about a two and a half hour drive from the metro Maryland area.

sharae &lynetta
Lynetta on one of our mares Doublecreek's Sharae - a mare anyone can ride.
Georgia & Bodacious Boy (aka Bo (a Cheyenne offspring))
Our daughter Becky and our grandson Jacob and Treasure both at age 2

Georgia decked out for show on our Stallion Doublecreeks Cheyenne (who, by the way, is great on the rail or on the trail).

Our Granddaughter Chelsea at 13 riding a 2 year old stallion DBLCs Jacobs Hidden Treasure (a Cheyenne offspring)
Goldie & Lynetta just goofing around.
Kenny & Doublecreek's Dream (a Cheyenne offspring) on a Florida trail ride.
Georgia's Mom at age 72 &
Doublecreek's Sharae (one of our mares) My mom sadly passed away in 2012
Kenny & Doublecreek's DashaFlash (a Cheyenne offspring)
Georgia & DBLCrks La Femme Jolie (one of our mares) on a Florida trail ride.
My, we do love our babies at Doublecreek!

Either at Play or Taking it Easy, A Foal's Life is good!

While the foals do enjoy a life of leisure and play among themselves, we believe that consistency in training is key and we strive to provide this consistency from the day they are born and imprinted till the time they leave the farm and go to their new owner.

midnight lacy Big d & Delilah
My Girl & Midnight (Midnight is now owned by Judy Furies) Doublecreek's Chantilly Lace playing peek a boo (a La Femme Jolie & Cheyenne Foal) Now owned by Linda Schoulties Special Delivery (Delilah) and Treasures Done Deal (Sonny) Taking it easy at the Farm - Sonny is now owned by Cherie Oswald and Don Eatock and Deliah is owned by Monique Maniet

When moms aren't looking these guys are always up to shenanigans




Spice N Ice and Reagan just playing around. Spice is now owned by Monique Maniet and Reagan is owned by Berkely Hill

My Girl & foal La Femme Jolie and mare Secret with Cheyenne foal Kato
La Femme Jolie & foal Chantilly Lace (a Cheyenne foal) Chantilly Lace (Lacy) is owned by Linda Schoulties

We have one Comet foal and one Cheyenne foal available in 2015 at the farm. We have five Gunnar foals coming in 2015 that are still available for deposit.

For pics and info check out our for sale page.

Mountain Horses are very willing to please and will do almost anything you ask of them!

Our horses are ridden regularly by family members and friends and exhibit the willing and loving temperament so desired in the breed.

sharae&crewgunnerfeedsadie lady

Our Premier Stallion-Doublecreek's Cheyenne

Registered Rocky Mountain Horse, Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse, Mountain Pleasure Horse and American Gaited Mountain Horse

One of his babies would be a great addition to your herd!


cheyenne link

Click on picture of Dawn & Cheyenne at 3 years old to learn more about our stallion


Doublecreek's Cheyenne was our first Rocky Mountain Horse and only stallion for many years. We purchased him before he was ever born, sight unseen. He will be now 18 years old in April. He is great in the show ring or on the trail. All of Chey's foals display his gentle willing temperament and to die for gait. With his superb conformation and his flowing three foot mane he is a beautiful specimen a mountain horse.


Training & Riding Lessons
cheyenneshow chey


Need Riding Lessons? Georgia is available for riding lessons with your gaited horse or ours and at your place or here at Doublecreek.

Need Help With Your Horse? Georgia's speciality is foal training to lead, tie, trailer, yield hind and forequarters, gaiting on lead etc. Doublecreek works with their associates in starting your mountain horse as well as finishing it for trail or show.

Our grandson Jacob & foundation Rocky Mtn Mare Whisper (a Woosley's Rocky Mare) Georgia & our 2nd baby at the farm Doublecreek's Krystal Lady (My Girl's first baby.) Our granddaughter & Juliet Our Pence's Blue Boy (Choco Dock Line) Mare.
Jacob&whisper Krystal chels&juliet

You can call us at 304-616-2654 or 304-703-9764 or E-Mail

Just as We would be more than happy to answer any questions you have about our horses or the breed. Or better yet come visit us and see just what a Rocky Mountain Horse is meant to be. If there is something that you really do or really don't like about our site please take time to let us know that too. Thanks & have a great time learning about Rocky Mountain horses.

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