About the Care of Our Horses

Last updated 09/08/06


Once you ride a Rocky Mountain Horse, you will not want to ride

anything else.

This truly is the horse that was meant for trail, endurance, show or just to love.

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The Youngsters:

We imprint each one of our youngsters, but just as importantly, we continue their handling throughout the most formative period of their lives.

All of our colts and fillies can walk on a lead line by 1-2 months of age and are having their feet trimmed on a regular basis by four months. All can be seen gaiting naturally in the field, a trait indicative to the breed. They all exhibit a love for humans and a never ending curiosity for new experiences.

General Care

Rocky Mountain horses are easy keepers and handle the cold & snowy winters and the hot & humid summers in West Virginia with ease. Our horses spend most of their time in the field and only come in the barn during foaling and extreme weather.

Our horses receive the best veterinarian care through Lost River Animal Hospital and Equine Medical Center (a veterinary service specializing in equine care). All spring & fall shots (including West Nile virus) are current. We maintain a systematic worming program, with periodic review by our veterinarian. All Coggins tests are completed as prescribed. Our pregnant mares receive the periodic pneumabort shots as required. All foals and horses purchased for breeding have their eyes examined by a certified ophthalmologist for ASD. All foals born on the farm are tested by 6 months. All Cheyenne foals tests have been ASD free.

We also maintain proper foot care. All horses feet are trimmed every six weeks (including the foals from 4 months of age). Shoes are kept on all of our show stock. Trail stock or stock ridden intermittently are shod on an as needed basis. Rocky Mountain hooves are very strong and in many instances do not require shoes .


Our Breeding stock

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Since we are small, we currently have only a few mares. No horse is left unridden, even our mares (Of course we don't ride them when it gets uncomfortable for them). Even youngsters can ride Rocky Mountain Horses with ease. Pictured here is my granddaughter, Chelsea (at age 9) who comes up from Virginia and rides. Her particular favorite is Hope Springs Reward aka Juliet.

We make certain each mare receives appropriate veterinary, nutritional, farrier care. All of our breeding stock has been examined for ASD. Currently we have two Cheyenne weanings available in 2006 for which we will take a deposit.

Our stallion is back at home from the show circuit now. He also receives appropriate veterinary, nutritional, dental, farrier care and was examined for ASD at an early age and found to be clear eyed. Please take time to view the pictures of the horses for sale as well as our breeding stock. We believe you will like what you see.

If you are interested in contacting us e-mail us at info@doublecreekfarm.com or give us a call at 304-874-4355.