Our Family of Mares

Last Updated 09/17/2014


Hey, come here. I heard Doublecreek Farm has great Mountain Horses!

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304 703 9764 for Kenny

304 616 2654 for Georgia

or E-Mail us at info@doublecreekfarm.com

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We have several mares. They vary in color, some in stride but very little in temperament.

We will keep the mares with their foals separate from the herd for the first two months, but thereafter they are all in together with the herd. Foals stay with their mothers on average for 5 months. If you are interested in putting a deposit on a foal for the season, please let us know. All the mares are on the premises for your viewing as well as some of their offspring. Our mares have varying bloodlines, Dock, Sewell's Sam, J'Lee's Rockit, Pence's Blue Boy and Doublecreek's Cheyenne to name a few. Most are double registered Rocky and Kentucky Mountain and some are triple registered to include MPHA. All of our mares used for breeding have have been examined for eye issues and are only used if they are found acceptable. All mares and stallions as well as offspring are color tested so we can ensure the colors we are telling you are exact.

Below are some of our mares


Once you ride a Rocky Mountain Horse, you will not want to ride anything else. This truly is the horse that was meant for trail, endurance, show or just to love.



Here's what to do if you are interested in buying one of our trained horses, we would be happy to take you out for a short"test drive" so you can experience first hand the joy of being on a Rocky Mountain Horse. If you are interested in contacting us, e-mail us at info@doublecreekfarm.com or give us a call at 304-874-4355. Just ask for Georgia or Kenny Ray. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you have about our horses or the breed. Or better yet come visit us and see just what a Rocky Mountain Horse is meant to be. We need to add one bit of caution once you ride Rocky Mountain Horse you won't want to ride anything else.