Doublecreek Presents Alliance's Gone N Dun IT

aka Gunnar


Last Updated 09/16/2013

No Red Gene Smoky Silver Dapple Grullo One Cream, One Dun, One Silver
Gunnar's foals for 2014 were a smoky silver grulla filly like himself, a dunskin filly, and a smoky cream filly. All exhibit his terrific gait, his funny antics, and his willingness to learn. Two of Gunnar's foals will be going to North Carolina and one will be traveling the to Europe to their new homes. We are including Gunnar foal pics on this page as well.

Gunnar is our 4 year old Stallion. RMH, KMSH and MPHA. He is a great addition to our breeding program and had his first three foals in 2014 all of which have already been sold. Gunnar started his show career in 2013 and was KMSH high point 3 year old stallion trail pleasure Grand Champion three year old stallion trail pleasure Reserve Grand Champioin 3 year old trail pleasure. He is on his way again this year in 2014 with a third place win in the RMHA trail pleasure grand championship. We can't wait to see what October 2014 brings.


We will be having 7 Gunnar foals in 2015 bred to a variety of colors and sized mares. We are providing pics below of the mares that are bred for your review and hope you will take the time to take a look. You can reserve a Gunnar foal by making a deposit of $500.00 to hold.
  2014 Gunnar foals  
Annie - Smoky Silver Grulla Posie - Smoky Cream Aggie- Silver Dunskin

2013 Show Season Pics coming soon of our 2014 Season



Amy Stefanic UP
Amy Stefanic UP

Registered Rocky Mountain, Kentucky Mountain, Mountain Pleasure and is KBIF nominated.

He will be standing in Cynthiana Kentucky at Valley View Mountain Horses with Amy and Jason Stefanic through October 2014 and then will be back here with us in WV until 2015 show season.

Gunnar is very willing and a smooth ride for both young and old. Video above is of Amy (our trainer) and Gunnar out for a quick ride.


Many More to Come

As with Cheyenne he is a World Champion in our hearts as well for all of the hours of pleasure riding and contentment just watching him in our fields.

Winter Months Gunnar is just a horse. Playing in the snow (sometimes blanketed but not always). He has a great personality and keeps us laughing all of the time.


This blanket fits him to a "T" Gunnar's personality is fun and free spirited. He makes you love to sit for hours and just watch whether in the ring, on the trail, or in the field.

For Years we only wanted one stallion but when we saw Gunnar we knew he was special not only for his color but much more, there was an air about him. Gunnar touches your heart. He wheedles his way in. I did not think I could love a stallion as much as Cheyenne but Gunnar has come close to it as any stallion possibly can. If you meet him, you can't resist him. He is a gentlemen, a rascal and a clown all rolled up into one. If you meet him, you will know exactly what I am talking about.

Here Gunnar is shown with our trainer's eight year old daughter, Hannah Stefanic.

As a three year old stallion, he"s gentle enough for a child to ride. The video to the left was taken when he was three ridden by Hannah. The video to the right was taken this year when our trainer let her 4 year old son ride him a little through her trail obstacles.

  Gunnar is not just a "show" horse, he is an all around horse.He takes to new things like an old pro. You would not know that he is only a youngster. Likes dogs, deer you name it. He does not know a stranger.
  He loves going out on the trail and rides with the mares and fillies with ease. You can see my friend's mare as she takes the picture for me. We ride together on the trail all the time mares and stallions.
He always likes to "check it out".


Gunnar comes from very good bloodlines; tracing back to Sam Clemons Tim, Maple Squirrel, Blue Smokin Sambo and more. He is a silver dapple smoky grullo. What a mouth full. These terms describe his coloring which is a black horse with the cream, silver and dun modifiers. He does not have a red gene. Gunnar is currently 14.3 but we expect he will continue to grown into his sixth year.

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Check out Gunnar's Bloodlines

We raised Gunnar here on the farm since he was 5 months old. He has had that kind of personality that makes you want to spend time with him because he puts a smile on your face.
Amy and Gunnar at RMHA International 2013  
2015 Foals from these Mares Bred to Gunnar Available for Deposit. Please note we have a deposit for 2015 for the Buckskin Mare
Silver Buckskin Raisin Cain mare (this mare has a red gene but but since Gunnar has no red gene this breeding will not produce a chestnut or palomino foal) Blue Roan Diamond Dock Mare (this mare has one roan gene and no red gene) Black Doublecreek's Cheyenne Mare (this mare has no red gene)
Smoky Cream Rocky Top Mare (this mare has one cream and one red gene but since Gunnar has no red gene this breeding will not produce a chestnut or palomino foal) Chocolate DBLCRK Jacobs Hidden Treasure Mare (this mare is chocolate with no red gene) Bay Toms Pride Mare (this mare is double agouti with a red gene but since Gunnar has no red gene this breeding will not produce a chestnut or palomino foal)
All mares are double registered and certified RMH and KMSH except the Chestnut and she is KMSH only. She is full rocky but due to an accident prior to certification she was injured and could not complete the "in gait" video. Therefore she is certified KMSH only so all offspring are only KMSH elgible. (since Gunnar has no red gene this breeding will not produce a chestnut or palomino foal) All mares are due April and May of 2015.        
Chestnut Doublecreek's Cheyenne Mare