Kenny's Photography Services of Doublecreek

herd of horses

Last Updated 07/13/2014

Kenny specializes in Action Or Scenic Photography whether it be equine or human

Available on location at your home or farm or any scheduled and approved sports event. You name it, Kenny will be there!

Kenny's love of animals and of nature are evident in all of his shots. He just has a knack for finding that shot that you will just love!

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Gunnar says you just have to smile for the camera, Kenny will do the rest!

Digital Photos, Calendars, Shirts


PRINTS Glossy - Matte - Canvas - (4x6 up to 13 x 19) - You specifiy the size that you would like.


Kenny has extensive experience with equine photography, in particular and knows what an equine owner likes to see (upright ears, correct footfall, expressive eye, correct camera angle, etc.). He spends painstaking time with both you and/or your animal to ensure he can get that perfect shot that you always hope for and does not mind getting down on the ground or up above to get it. He particularly likes those everyday shots of play in the field, grooming, getting ready for the show etc., that will bring back years of memories, not only of your companion, but also of your daily interaction with your beloved friend.

Packages are available for multiple shots of multiple horses and other pets, special events and sports events.

Call or email us to discuss how you like what you might have in mind at 304-703-9764

Kenny can display your shots in traditional form, using special effects, styles or textures. Horses are not his only subjects. Please peruse the pics below for a brief summary of Kenny's shots.

Cows at Feeding Time
Bernese on the run.

Pic taken from horseback, abstract effect.

Portrait of Wicket a beloved pet.
Proud FIlly
Aussie - Don't take my Bone
Balloons in Flight at Sunrise
Owl playing Peek a Boo
Bernese Profile Shot
Other Scenic Shots
mountainofclouds stream countryside balloon
The clouds form a vision that appears to be mountains.
Reflective Stream Shot
Countryside shot
Hot Air Balloon Shot taken from another Balloon
tree&light lookingup mountaintop foggymorn
Kenny really loves to get the shot! Either at Play or Taking it Easy!
wethree lacy owlhead
Three Yearlings checking us out Doublecreek's Chantilly Lace playing peek a boo Screech Owl in a Barn



Baby Deer in Hiding Waiting for Mom.

Great Pyrenees Profile Shot
Mom and Foal taking an afternoon run


sharae Note how slightly out of focus shot emphasizes the mare's motion above and horses features below



Kenny uses a variety of lenses, filters and shutter speeds to capture just that particular look.



(We are proud to say this picture was selected in both a United Mountain Horse Photo Contest and for the Rocky Mountain Horse 2010 Brochure)


Most of the pictures throughout our site have been done by Kenny with Georgia's help in getting the horses to coorperate. Please feel free to check out our other links to view other shots taken. If there are any you like in particular that you would want to have reproduced for your pleasure please let us know and we will be happy to accomodate you. All shots are the sole property of Doublecreek Farm and cannot be reproduced without our consent.


cheyshow jolieshow

Photography Videotography CD and DVD Authoring Horses & other Pets and Family Members.

Close up, Head shot or Action. Kenny can get THE Shot.
cheyjump juliet maresbrush